Our Story

Chapari - The Story of Chapari CouriersOur Mission:
To evolve the landscape of work and to enrich the lives of our couriers.

The technological revolution is evolving the landscape of work in the 21st century. The essence of Chapari is to embody strategic importance of technology to provide both fulfillment and financial security to a new generation of the mobile workforce.

The massive cost of delivery infrastructure is holding back many businesses from offering same day delivery to their online and local shoppers.  Up until now, the faster you needed to ship something, the more expensive it was.

At Chapari, we are transforming the package delivery industry by leveraging mobile technology and the Power of Community to deliver packages smarter, faster and more cost-effectively than existing models.

Our same day delivery service is aimed to level the playing field for companies to grow their online business without having to loose money to win customers. We help businesses, no matter their size, address increased competitive pressures brought on by online shopping.

Chapari is a company that will do well for all parties involved. We provide empowering opportunities to community members to become independent agents and work on their own terms.

Global warming is a real problem for the future health of our planet. Our Community of Couriers reduces traffic and pollution. We help foster a living that is more sustainable: not only environmentally, but also economically and personally.

Chapari Core Values

Client Focused

We are in business to provide a service to our customers and couriers.  In everything we do we ask, “How can we provide additional value to them?”

Execution & Results

There is no substitute for getting the job done.  We guarantee delivery on time, every time and are committed to enable millions of people to generate income without the need to secure traditional employment or storefront.


We constantly strive to evolve our technology infrastructure with supporting processes to find new ways to optimize the last mile delivery to lower the cost and increase the speed of delivery.


Our customers and drivers can count on us to be honest and transparent 100% of the time.


We leverage mobile infrastructure capabilities with well-defined processes to ensure a high degree of operational excellence for our customers and drivers.