Chapari Couriers Earn Extra Money and Meet Other Members of their CommunityDelivery of Perishable Goods in Real Time

Chapari’s mission is to evolve the landscape of work.  Unlike common crowdsourcing alternatives, Chapari couriers are local community members that are trained and then retained on a permanent basis.
We only process couriers’ applications that can commit to a set, recurring weekly schedule.  Once couriers commit to the schedule, we commit to providing those routes, on a regular basis.

Chapari is now servicing Northern California East Bay Communities!

Chapari’s delivery method enables retained couriers to rely on consistent income and plan on how they want to use the extra money.   This model enables Chapari to provide a higher quality of service. 

Every Chapari courier completes our thorough engagement process which includes interviews and multi-layered background checks. To insure our continuing high-level of customer satisfaction, each courier is rated and reviewed on every delivery they complete.

Chapari Couriers earn $60 for a 3-hour delivery route – Guaranteed!

Couriers that commit to 10 or more 3-hour delivery routes per week (30 hours) will be offered benefits including:

  • Stock options
  • Health care benefits
  • $25 gas card for every 3 ‘Outstanding’ ratings by our merchants
  • 100% of the tips
  • Bonus: top Zone couriers become a Chapari Ambassador-of-the- Month with a $250 cash reward. When positions become available, Chapari Ambassadors are qualified to recommend eligible friends and family members as couriers and receive $100 per courier that we retain.

Interested? Become a Chapari courier